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Loan Modification Outlet offers mortgage modification relief for homeowners that are struggling with an adjustable rate mortgage or an employment issue that caused a loss of income. LMO offer loss mitigation solutions with low rate loan modifications that stop foreclosure!

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December 2018
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State and federal officials have launched ‘”Operation Loan Lies” — an effort targeting nearly 200 loan modifications firms for a number of alleged illegal practices including promising services they can’t deliver, charging more than $5,000 in advance fees and misrepresenting their affiliations with mortgage servicers.  Former Ditech executive, Jeff Morris said in a recent interview with Loan Modification Buzz, “There is nothing wrong with paying a loan modification company money to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage, but make sure the company actually submits a loan workout request with your lender’s loss mitigation department.”  Morris reminded the news company that not all loan modification firms were bad and that some were actually save families from foreclosure.

Federal and state agencies took 189 actions today against modification and foreclosure-rescue firms, the Federal Trade Commission announced. The coordinated actions were part of a national law-enforcement effort by 2 federal and 23 state agencies to crack down on loan modification scams.  “Operation Loan Lies,” has targeted loan modification firms that allegedly promised to obtain modifications or stop foreclosures, but the companies actually did nothing. Advance fees charged by the loss mitigation firms were equal to one or more mortgage payments, but no loan negotiations ever took place. 

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Recent mortgage loan delinquency reports indicated that 10% of homeowners in the United States are now in default with their lender. Mortgage loan modification experts forecast that in the next year or two that the number of borrower’s defaulting will double to more than 20 million households, with many others on the verge. This is nearing epidemic proportions, say industry professionals. With the fear of foreclosure and the threat of losing their houses, many homeowners remain discouraged because they have been turned down for mortgage refinancing. In addition, these borrowers are often misinformed about loan modifications and alternative mortgage relief solutions that may be available to prevent foreclosures. The Loan Modification Buzz reports that consumers are fed up with low rate talk that in most cases is only available to homeowners who have high credit scores and tangible equity in their home.

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