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Loan Modification Outlet offers mortgage modification relief for homeowners that are struggling with an adjustable rate mortgage or an employment issue that caused a loss of income. LMO offer loss mitigation solutions with low rate loan modifications that stop foreclosure!

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December 2008
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Loan Modification FAQ

15th December 2008

What are the chances of getting a loan modification through a company like Countrywide or WAMU if we are current on our mortgage?

Unfortunately most loan modification firms report better results from clients that were a few months late. It may be simply that mortgage lenders do not see the need to modify or restructure a loan in which the borrowers are not delinquent. With the foreclosure crisis moving down Main Street and hitting the prime credit homes, we may see these results change. For now distressed borrowers who are achieving better mortgage relief results because the mortgage lenders and investment banks do not want the deeply depreciated properties that will increase their loss even more.

Do you have to pay thousands of dollars to get a loan modification?

No, most mortgage lenders do not require borrowers to pay for a mortgage loan modification agreement. However, loan modifications can be complicated and most loan work-outs take 3-4 months to complete. The mortgage companies have not invested the build the staff needed to keep up with the demand of funding loss mitigation departments during this foreclosure crisis. Paying a law office or loan modification company a few thousand dollars to negotiate a new mortgage with lowered interest rates that potentially could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars is a small price to pay for such a significant financial gain.

Is Loan modification the best solution to losing a home to foreclosure?

Loan modifications have become the most popular choice for loan relief for homeowners. It is not the only loss mitigation solution however. Traditional refinancing has typically been rejected before applying for a loan modification. If you have a significant amount of equity left in your home, a foreclosure bailout loan may be an option to get your outstanding balance caught up, but the interest rate are usually high with hard money loans, so it would be more like a band-aid. Short Sales can be effective if you absolutely can’t afford your home with or without the modification or maybe you believe that you’re home is so far underwater with your mortgage balance being so much greater than the property value that you would rather sell it short and move on.

Is it lawful to charge homeowners money upfront to assist in negotiating a loan modification with the lenders loss mitigation department?

Foreclosure prevention has evolved into a big business. With millions of delinquent borrowers facing foreclosure, the demand for negotiating services has escalated into a new type of loan origination. Attorneys are allowed to charge for their legal advice in advance. If you are working with a non attorney backed loan modification or real estate broker they are required to hold any money advanced in an escrow account until a loan modification is agreed. Predatory lending laws are in the process of changes to protect homeowners against abusive practices from unscrupulous mortgage lenders.

If a loan workout is not achieved what are my other options?

Let’s face it; you don’t always get everything you want in the first stages of loss mitigation. Short sale, forbearance, and a deed in Lieu are several popular alternatives if a loan modification is not initially negotiated with the mortgage lender to check out.

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  1. I recently came across your loan modification blog and have read several posts with good points that would benefit most homeowners. We have many borrowers who cannot get approved for a mortgage refinance loan, but I believe your foreclosure prevention solutuions may be available for them, even with their bad credit and mortgage lates. Very consumer-driven blog. I will keep visiting this blog and recommend it to our applicants who don’t qualify for home refinancing. Thanks Debbie A.

    Comment by mortgage loans — December 16, 2008 @ 8:17 pm

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