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The Loan Modification Outlet believes if there is a will then there is a way to stop the foreclosure process. Get more info about the modification process.

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Foreclosure is something most homeowners thought could never happen to them. The unfortunate reality is that hundreds of thousands of homeowners have experienced a foreclosure in the last two years. Now with many lenders and banks in jeopardy of bankruptcy, loan modification agreements are becoming more frequent much earlier in the process.

Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
Bankruptcy Protection
The Loan Modification Outlet provides info about retaining maintain homeownership. There are businesses that will negotiate on your behalf directly with the bank that services your loan. We provide info on modification services and loan modification letters for Countrywide, BofA, WAMU, Chase, Wells Fargo, Indy Mac, Citi, World Savings and more.

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Our legal and negotiating expertise can help save your house while reducing financial stress burdens.
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Our loan modification team helps Americans retain their homeownership by renegotiate their mortgage with affordable monthly payments.

Check the Loan Modification Blog for updates, editorials and commentaries relevant to the foreclosure crisis.

8 of 10 Delinquent Homeowners

Not Receiving Loan Modification Agreements

Will the Government Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosures?

Gov. Works with Lenders to Help California Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Learn More About Loan Modification Programs and Mortgage Relief

The Loan Modification Outlet offers information about mortgage relief and home loan modifications. There are many distressed homeowners seeking payment relief that stop the foreclosure process with lawyers negotiating lower mortgage payments and modified terms to help get your home loans and finances back on track. Restructure your mortgage with loan modifications, forbearance, loan workouts, deed in lieu of foreclosure or a legally negotiated short sale.

We suggest that you get advice from reputable law firms that provide full service legal and experienced negotiators who have achieved both home loan modifications and foreclosure injunctions results with lenders like Countrywide, Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo, Wamu, Wachovia, Citi Mortgage, SunTrust and many more. Don't let adjustable rate mortgages, bad credit or predatory lending stop you from securing a mortgage payment that you can afford.

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A loan modification is a renegotiated agreement, or loan work-out in which the mortgage lender modifies the existing terms while reducing the monthly payment for the borrower. The primary goal of a loan modification is to restructure the mortgage to a payment that is more affordable for the homeowner. Learn more about the proposed government bail-out plan to purchase bad credit mortgages and buy down the interest rate from the Federal Reserve in an effort to securitize fixed rate home loans at 4.5%. Get the inside scoop on the FDIC loan modification plan and the get more ground breaking insight with latest updates regarding foreclosure news.

Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

A mortgage loan modification is when the mortgage lender agrees to modify your existing mortgage in order to keep you in your home in lieu of your hardship. The mortgage note modification purpose was designed to help make your current loan more affordable. Usually it is accomplished by simply reducing the interest rate that lowers the monthly payment for a few years. Years ago this was only available when a borrower was seriously delinquent and suffered a hardship such as a job loss, divorce or illness. Now, homeowners can obtain loan aid from their mortgage lender for better solutions to combat unaffordable rate adjustments on adjustable rate mortgages.

Has your interest rate adjusted or is it adjusting soon?

The earlier you get started, the better your chances are of negotiating a fixed rate and a payment that meets your current budget. If you can afford your home and not just your loan, then you may be eligible for a loan modification. Modifying your loan will change your existing mortgage note and give you a fresh new start in house. In addition, your status will become "current" immediately.

Has property value declined to the point where you are up-side down?

Are you looking for loan modifiers and lawyers to negotiate with your home loan lender to stop your foreclosure? You need to find a law firm that is familiar with all mortgage lenders regularly, they are more receptive to our company because we have experience and relationships negotiating fair lending solutions. We know how to present your hardships so that you get the best solution available.

There are too many mortgage brokers trying to become over-night loan modification companies and suddenly many people are claiming to be loss mitigation experts overnight. Christian Lawyers of America and the Loan Modification Outlet provide legal resources and experience helping consumers with bankruptcy, debt settlement and credit repair since 1999.

Recent state legislation and Congressional initiatives require mortgage lenders to make possible every effort to provide loan modifications to homeowners risking foreclosure. Most financial critics continue to blame the reckless mortgage lending and home-buyers who got over-extended, but we believe the publically traded lending institutions waited two years to long." Unfortunately there has been an unprecedented drop in home prices on a national basis which has significantly contributed to the foreclosure crisis. In the past, mortgage note modifications were nearly impossible, but now lender are modifying by the thousands.

"We had tried everything imaginable to keep our home, but it started to seem hopeless. A friend referred us to the Loan Modification Outlet and after a lot of their diligent efforts; we are able to keep our home after all. They were able to negotiate an interest rate reduction for 3 years that cut our monthly mortgage payment in half.
Thanks for everything!" The Thompson Family